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74 x 76 =

Many schools teach students to perform their Arithmetic operations from right to left. Most Algebraic operations however, are done from left to right, more naturally in the same way as we read and write.

Watch 9-year old Franz, after learning Math shortcuts, solve arithmetic problems left to right, in 30 seconds

There's a MATH Teacher in the House!

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RE: The Only Way To Teach Your Child Math from Home!

Dear Parent,
I am writing you today because I know you love your kids and you want them to ace through every Math subject in school. I also know that deep down in your heart you wish that Math could be more fun, for you and for your kids.

Maybe, if There is a MATH Teacher in the House!

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The parents are in a better position to understand their children’s learning style and better help them with their lessons than their teachers provided they have the confidence and the knowhow.

In fact, Math education should start in the home as early as possible, much earlier that school age. And the parent being the most influential person in a child’s life, is in the best position to help cultivate the child’s positive attitude towards Math.

This newsletter seeks to provide resources for parents to increase their knowledge in Math so that they will develop the confidence for their children. Specifically, we aim to show the parents

With these, we hope that “There is a Math Teacher in the House.”  Always!

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What’s Algebra But a Lost Number?

By Rheea Hermoso-Prudente

I remember my high school Math days as bleak days of terror. Geometry was bearable, but Algebra, Trigonometry, and Calculus were the stuff my nightmares were made of. I remember in one Calculus class, our teacher asked me to stand and recite and I couldn't answer the question. I was totally humiliated (The Hubby loved that particular Math teacher, though, and was most likely loved back; in fact, that teacher was a guest at our wedding).

I do not want my kids to have the same mathematical distaste. Although I have learned to -- if somewhat begrudgingly -- like Math, I want them to be more enthusiastic about it, the way their grandfather is (I always tell the story of Lolo Ike's bewilderment when no one quite shared the thrill of discovery over ways to divide with some number like 26 or such). So far, I think we've built some decent foundational skills with minimal pain and some fun, thanks to jellybeans and board games.

Raine will be moving up to fifth grade in a few months, and obviously, so will the complexity of the Math concepts she'll be learning. I'm glad that she's had some rudimentary exposure to formal Algebra in her old schools, so she's fairly confident that "Algebra's easy. I like Algebra!" Good for her. I think our brainwashing is working.

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ALGEBRA Made Easy as Arithmetic

Algebra Made Easy as Arithmetic demonstrates how the application of some basic arithmetic procedures can greatly simplify many algebraic operations. It also shows that there are other approaches to algebraic solutions which some students may find simpler to use.

Math skills are required for most high paying jobs in today’s technology-driven economy. As Algebra is considered the gateway to higher Mathematics, understanding and appreciating Algebra is vital to any student’s life.

This book is useful to Elementary and High School Math teachers, Algebra instructors, parents, and students of all ages

"ALGEBRA Made Easy as Arithmetic" is the long awaited sequel to "25 Math Short Cuts," popular math book by Ike Prudente, creator of MATH-Inic. It was launched last March 4, 2017 in San Pablo City.

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